How Our Process Works
Getting pure, delicious water has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to get Waterfy Me bottled water delivered to your home or office for the ultimate in both convenience and taste.
Select a Bottle

Pick from our variety of bottle sizes and select the quantity you need for the perfect pure water fit.

Select a Plan

Choose the best ongoing schedule for you with delivery every two weeks or once a month. Cancel or skip a delivery at any time.

Need a Cooler

Do you need a bottle dispenser? We offer a selection of coolers available for purchase or rent today.

Get Delivery

We will suggest and share the best delivery dates for your location as you prepare to enjoy the refreshing taste of Waterfy Me.

purity in
every bottle
Our water boasts some of the most sophisticated technology you can find in bottled water. Processes including carbon filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and ozonation guarantee absolute purity every time in every bottle of Waterfy Me.
Just for you:
custom labels
Put your own Me touch on your water bottles with a custom label. The design options are endless, limited only by your imagination.

What Is Waterfy Me?

Your Premier Individual Bottled Water Delivery

What if your water was guaranteed to be fresh, crisp, and absolutely pure, every time? With Waterfy Me, pure liquid satisfaction is standard. Thanks to a comprehensive 12-step purification process and BPA-free bottles, every bottle of Waterfy Me comes with the same great taste and purity—without any unwanted contaminants or additives. Multiple rounds of ozonation, reverse osmosis, and filtration produce water that is over 99% free from impurities, leaving only refreshing, delicious water. If you are looking for the safest and healthiest option for drinking water, you can stop looking—you’ve found it with Waterfy Me.

Find Your Me

Add a custom label to your Waterfy Me for water that not also tastes great, but also looks great. Whether it’s an important event or promotional material, any reason is a great one to show off your Me with a label made according to your own specifications. And, with unlimited design options, you can be sure that you Me will be fully captured and celebrated. Your brand is totally unique—so why shouldn’t your water be, too?

  • Jennifer Avatar

    Outstanding customer service. Delivery on time. Prices are great. Very responsive to phone calls and emails. Very glad I switched !!

    Tyler Avatar

    Excellent service with flexible options and quick delivery. Their friendly management staff provides a great experience. We couldn't be happier with their help at our gym!

    Tiffany Avatar

    Waterfy has always taken care of their customers, whether it's a last minute delivery change or normal scheduled deliveries. They are always reliable and prompt in their service. Great water and great customer service!

  • Bert Avatar

    My wife and I use Waterfy for both our home and business and couldn't be more pleased with the product and the service. We are always amazed at how responsive and easy to work with they are.

    AnneMarie Avatar

    We get the pleasure of drinking this water in our school building. We never have to wait for more bottles to arrive. The water taste as fresh and clean as you would want your water to be. No aftertaste.

    Kurt Avatar

    Unlike my experience with Deer Park, Waterfy Me has provided unparalleled
    service, never misses a delivery, keeps me posted with regular emails, and actually answers the phone when I call. Waterfy Me is the best!

  • Ian Avatar

    Super friendly staff and always on time for deliveries!! Awesome!

    Emily Avatar

    Real water drinkers know all water doesn't taste the same. The sweet, pure, refreshing taste of Waterfy Me is incomparable to popular name brands.

    Nicolle Avatar

    Our school is fortunate enough to have this refreshing water in multiple locations in our building. Waterfy's customer service is excellent, delivery is timely and not only staff enjoys this treat, but students too!

  • Jamie Avatar

    Absolutely love working with this company - always on time for deliveries, hassle free & delicious! The water dispenser is user-friendly and we have had it for awhile & never had any issues. Highly recommend.

    Melissa Avatar

    Waterfy Me has fantastic customer service, quick delivery, and is a very community focused company. I would recommend their services to any home or business!


    Outstanding product and service !!

    Rockville Auto Clinic
  • Heather Avatar

    Thank you Waterfy Me for donating water to Candlewood. We have loved it!

Giving Purified Water To Local Schools

We donate to DC/MD/VA elementary schools in need-water & coolers-by matching a portion of each delivery.

Buy today and help us give tomorrow!

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