Waterfy Me’s Bottled Water Delivery Service

The success of the Waterfy Me business revolves around dedication within two areas that serve our customers best – superb purified water, and outstanding customer service. The complex Waterfy Me 12-step purification process includes carbon filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and ozonation, removing 99.5% of the impurities in tap water, while still keeping all essential minerals. Either from the cooler or a bottle, the terrific pure taste is desirable and keeps our customers joyfully hydrated. Read more about the benefits of purified water here. 

As important as great tasting purified water, Waterfy Me strives itself on dedication to customer satisfaction. We consider each consumer to be part of our water family and guarantee that each will be treated as a priority when handling any order, delivery, or random requests. Our corporate decisions have and will always be in the best interest of our current customers and future possibilities. That Waterfy Me commitment combined with the purest water product has been the driver of our company achievements today.

Waterfy Me is a local DC/Baltimore metropolitan area water delivery company with a national presence. Within our coverage area, our purified water can be trucked and carried to your home or residence by one of our Waterfy Me drivers. Not in this area, no problem. We would be happy to ship your cases via UPS or FedEx anywhere in the United States. The Waterfy Me belief is that Pure, Liquid, Satisfaction should be experienced by all and our company offers you that opportunity. So take advantage and place your order so that you can experience the best of both – pure water and exceptional service.

Getting pure, delicious water has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to get Waterfy Me bottled water delivered to your home or office for the ultimate in both convenience and taste.
Select a Bottle

Pick from our variety of bottle sizes and select the quantity you need for the perfect pure water fit.

Select a Plan

Choose the best ongoing schedule for you with delivery every two weeks or once a month. Cancel or skip a delivery at any time.

Need a Cooler

Do you need a bottle dispenser? We offer a selection of coolers available for purchase or rent today.

Get Delivery

We will suggest and share the best delivery dates for your location as you prepare to enjoy the refreshing taste of Waterfy Me.