Alkaline Water: Revolutionary Health Hack or Hoax?

Posted on: December 11, 2019

A recent health fad is all about alkaline water and its supposed health benefits. Alkaline water is said to have anti-aging properties, regulate the colon, increase hydration, assist the immune system, and potentially aid in fighting cancer. While many people support this health trend, how much truth do these claims have? It’s widely known that drinking water of any kind helps with nearly all bodily processes, helps clear skin, aids weight loss, prevent wrinkles, and so much more. Is alkaline really better than drinking normal water?

What Exactly is Alkaline Water

To understand what alkaline means, it is important to first understand the pH scale which ranges from 1-14. pH of 1 is acidic, 7 is neutral, and 14 being alkaline.  The body wants to remain at a Ph of 7.4 to function properly with a change of plus or minus .05 resulting in health complications. Alkaline water is any water that’s above 8 and has alkaline material in it.

While many people believe drinking this water is a magic formula full of health benefits, there isn’t much scientific data that support this. It is generally believed to be safe to drink but without proper research, it is possible to have negative side effects. These side effects include having a blood pH over the safe range which results in alkalosis which can cause confusion, muscle twitches, vomiting, and more.

Plain vs. Alkaline Water – Which is Better?

Although alkaline water isn’t proven to have any health benefits, drinking water of any kind is phenomenal for your health. It’s important to note that there are many alkaline foods that you can eat instead including kale and bananas. As long as you balance a healthy pH and drink plenty of water, it makes no significant difference whether you drink one or the other. However, with all the marketing jargon that companies like Smart Water and Essentia use, you are going to pay a premium. Regular water like Waterfy Me purified water offers all the same benefits as alkaline (or any water for that water) with the research to back it up. With its pH being slightly under neutral, it is a great way to keep the body as close to its ideal levels.

Worth the Hype?

Let’s be clear, drinking alkaline water isn’t going to drastically change your health and you’re going to be paying much more for it. The majority of its health benefits come from simply drinking more water. Instead of paying more for the same thing, you could get purified water at a fraction of the cost delivered to you for free! Waterfy Me offers the purest water in the area without all of the marketing jargon and hype. Just great water at a great price. Get Waterfy Me delivered to you with free delivery!

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