What Are the Benefits of Drinking Purified Water?

Posted on: March 16, 2018

In today’s health-conscious world, discerning which food and drink options are best for you can get tricky. As something you consume all day every day, water is a particularly important element of your health. What kind of water you reach for can have serious implications on your wellbeing, so it is important to know which type of water is healthiest.

Waterfy Me’s purified water offers a host of benefits in terms of both health and safety, thanks to our proprietary 12-step purification process. Learn more below about how Waterfy is the best choice you can make for your Me.

Safety Benefits of Purified Water

There’s no denying that drinking tap water comes with a number of risks. The quality is never guaranteed, as it is influenced by weather patterns and other unpredictable factors, such as pesticide usage and other toxic substances infiltrating local water sources. It is also nearly impossible to know what might be contained in the pipes through which tap water travels. Municipal water pipes could be old and rusty, but consumers can remain blissfully unaware of this, as rust and dirt are not always detectable to the naked eye.

Our sediment filtration removes particles as small as 10 microns, then the ion exchange process removes various metallic elements, which includes the aforementioned rust. The Waterfy Me purification process renders our water as free and clear from contaminants and unwanted particles as they can be, offering you safety and total peace of mind.

Health Benefits of Purified Water

What kind of water you drink is a choice you make every day, at least 10 times per day. You wouldn’t drink something that could make you sick, would you? Waterfy Me water is guaranteed to be more than 99% free from toxins and contaminants, making it the healthiest water that money can buy.

Where tap or spring water can be full of any number of questionable organisms and unwanted elements, usually containing up to 400 parts per million (PPM) in total dissolved solids (TDS), purified water contains less than 10 PPM in TDS. That difference can make a significant impact on anyone’s health! Waterfy Me contains no chlorine, which could be carcinogenic to humans, or any other toxic bacteria.

Activated carbon towers, ultraviolet rays, and reverse osmosis all work hard during the purification process to remove at least 99.5% of all impurities, leaving you with the purest, cleanest water available. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you choose purified water?

Waterfy Me is dedicated to being the healthiest and best-tasting water around. To experience pure liquid satisfaction, purchase a case today.

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