Bottled Water Is Good For The Enviornment

Posted on: September 3, 2018

Drinking Waterfy Me bottled water is a much better ecological choice than consuming soft drinks, coffee, fruit juice or beer. Bottled water drinkers are often criticized when they should be praised.

Unfortunately, many environmentalists have continued to attack bottled water preaching that tap water is better and saves a lot of energy since it does not need to be transported by trucks creating a carbon footprint. That might be true, but bottled water is not the biggest culprit when it comes to beverage consumption.

Many other, more consumed beverages, use huge amounts of water and energy during their production processes, making their ecological impact far more disadvantageous than that of bottled water. Similar to Waterfy Me bottled water, most of them are distributed in bottles and cans, too

The Latest Concern

Most recent trends have put the spotlight on bottled water and the healthy beverage has become one of the most effective symbols of unsustainable practices. Giles Coren, an English food journalist, has coined bottled water drinkers “the new people who smoke”.

Maybe some of these concerns are understandable.  Granted, that most Western countries have a drinkable faucet, making purified bottled water seem ridiculous.  However, bashing water is entirely missing the point.

Truck use is important to the economy and vital for the success of many businesses.   But don’t just point fingers at water companies.  Coca-Cola, Stella Artois, and Chivas Regal, just to name a few, are doing way more trucking of non-water products.

Water is a huge source of energy for many other products.  You need 35 liters of water to supply one cup of tea, and 140 liters of water to supply one cup of espresso. When you upload sugar for your espresso or tea, it receives even worse: every teaspoonful of sugar calls for 50 cups of water to grow.

A glass of beer takes seventy-five liters of water to supply, at the same time as simply one glass of wine takes 120 liters of water. One glass of fruit juice or milk calls for 170 – 200 liters of water. A glass of brandy asks 2,400 liters of water.

Other Beverages

Producing one liter of bottled water genuinely requires a liter of water and no power. Yes, producing and distributing the water bottles does use water and energy, however other liquids often require way more energy.

Face the facts that drinking bottled water is really a greater ecological choice than all other bottled alternatives: beer, wine, milk, fruit juice or soft drinks. Most in all likelihood, ingesting Waterfy Me bottled water is a good higher choice than drinking coffee or tea made with faucet water – espresso and tea might weigh less than water, however, they’re transported over lots large distances.

The most effective undisputable higher preference than bottled water is tap water. Forcing bottled water drinkers to drink tap water might help the environment, but it won’t help your health as many studies have confirmed.

Environmental groups have bottled water on their radar and often pinpoint the plastic, but don’t touch on the amount of energy it takes to produce many other beverages or the negative footprint transportation does to the environment.  Bottled water is only a small share of this total.

The energy needed to transport soft drinks and beer is far more painful.  The main problem here is not bottled water. The main problem is that most people should be drinking Waterfy Me bottled water, but prefer soft drinks, fruit juice, coffee, beer or energy drinks instead.

Ironically this message isn’t always so popular because many like to talk about these environmental problems over a couple of beers, or wines, or coffees.

The Exiles

You should continue to drink bottled water and be comfortable about it.  Your health should be the main concern.  You and others who prefer to drink bottled water should not be treated as pariahs, because they are making a better ecological choice than those of us who choose to consume other beverages.

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