Denmark Residents – You’ve Been Drinking This for 10 Years

Posted on: December 5, 2018

When the colorless, odorless liquid, that is water, starts coming out of taps in a rusty color people cannot be blamed for having their doubts. Despite an obvious change in the color of water, and despite the samples collected by the residents as proof, for all this long while, the state kept reassuring the Denmark residents that the water safe for consumption. The residents at large, however, had been using filtered water or purified bottled water through water delivery services for drinking purposes.

Is Denmark water safe to drink?

After a recent year-long investigation, it is found that Halosan, a substance that is not approved by EPA, was being used to eliminate iron bacteria, leaving rust-like color in the process. For past 10 years, this product was being used in the water systems. It is mandatory by laws that any disinfectant used in the water systems has to be approved and registered with EPA. HaloSan was typically approved for its use as a disinfectant in pools or spas, but never for drinking water purposes.

The effect that this product potentially has is under study. An EPA assessment from 2007 stated HaloSan to be an eye-skin irritant, potentially having allergic properties.

Who’s responsible?

The spokesperson of the concerned state department pointed fingers to Berry system. Berry Systems, the manufacturer or the product, used to advertise this product as a safe way to treat iron bacteria, which as per statement, made authorities believe it was EPA approved. The manufacturers are yet to answer to media of their stand.

A $2 million grant made to repair the water-system may or may not work. Meanwhile, residents are recommended to use safe drinking water sources. Get a water filter installed, if convenient. You can even consider getting bottled water delivery to your home or office doorstep. Waterfy Me and other reliable bottled water delivery service providers are up to serve residents the best way possible during this hard time.

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