How Waterfy Me Can Help With New Fad

Posted on: September 7, 2018

As the first full week of September comes to a conclusion and a new season is around the corner, so is a new fad – Sober September.  Mimicking its counterpart, Dry January, Sober September marks the end of summer when you probably have spent the last three months and the longer days enjoying outdoor activities such as the beach, barbecues, traveling and partying a bit more than usual.

If you should select to participate in the month long fad, meant to rejuvenate and prep oneself for the upcoming holiday seasons, a great addition to help replenish your system is Waterfy Me – superb, purified water.  With Waterfy Me, you will taste pure, liquid satisfaction keeping your mind off of wanting to binge on alcoholic spirits.  Drinking purified water that is 99.5% free from impurities is sure to hydrate not only your body but also your mind in establishing healthier drinking habits or at least the inclusion of a healthy choice.

However, should a month seem like a long time and concern from the lack of alcoholic beverages might do more harm than good (making up for the non-consumption with heavy intake in October), then sticking to the normal pattern – social weekend drinking, may be the better option.   Since drinking water is not a fad but a necessity, never a better time to stock up on Waterfy Me!


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