Hydrating the Athlete in You

Staying hydrated is very obviously one of the basic requirements of a healthy body. The importance of hydrating just multiplies for athletes, who sweat and are involved in physically exhausting activities much more than an average person. Here are some important aspects you might want to know about keeping yourself hydrated as an athlete.

How much water should you drink

The amount of water required to stay hydrated varies from athlete to athlete based on the sweat rate, the activity they are involved in, and the temperature in the region. For example, you might want to drink more water if you live around Maryland (Virginia, DC) given the humidity levels are high. So no specific rules exist on a hydrating routine. But if you want some figures, we’d recommend drinking 15-25 ounces for every pound you lost while working out. Also, as of ACE guidelines, one must drink at least 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before and after the exercise.  The best way to keep yourself hydrated amid a workout session or sports training is keeping bottled water along.  Waterfy Me can help with that delivering bottled water to your home or business.

Should you take sports drinks?

As a sports person, one needs to keep his or her energy level up. So for the rigorous workout or sports training sessions, taking a sports drink would help boost the energy levels. Just make sure you are selecting the right drink and go through the drink’s nutritional information. For regular exercising, plain bottled water is enough to keep you well hydrated.

“How can I know if I am well hydrated?”

A general question Here’s the easiest way of knowing whether you are well hydrated- check urine. You will notice your urine going darker shades of yellow if you haven’t been keeping yourself hydrated.  If you want purified water to be delivered right at your residential property’s doorstep, or to your training place, Waterfy Me might be the right solution for you.

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