Hydrogen Water Company Promised Life Changing Health Benefits, Now Being Called a Scam

Posted on: October 31, 2019

Biohackers look to manipulate the body and brain in order to optimize performance. Many diet trends have come from this movement including drinking coffee with butter in it and the intermittent fasting diet. A recent bio-hacking craze that went viral – drinking hydrogen infused water. Trusii, based in southern Florida, is at the forefront of this trend with their hydrogen-infusing water machines starting at over $6,700. Many biohacking influencers have praised its benefits but many consumers have called the company a scam, saying they were conned out of thousands of dollars.

Customers were told they would receive free Trusii machines if they participated in a case study for the product. This “free” machine came with a big catch – the participant had to pay $10,000 for it upfront through a loan from a financial partner. They were promised that they would be paid back in full for the product in $275 monthly payments. Issues arose immediately with machines being defective or needing additional parts to function. After a couple of months, many customers stopped receiving their monthly payments from Trusii. Now many customers are left in debt since Trusii won’t respond to their demands for their payments. They are currently facing various lawsuits.

The science behind hydrogen-infused water?

So does this special water really have all of the health benefits that people claim? The company claims it has the ability, “to profoundly impact and improve the lives of those suffering from illness and injury.” Many sick people, desperate to find a cure for their illnesses, took the companies word that it could solve their problems. The issue is – there is NO definitive scientific data that backs up that it has any effect. Trusii is wrongfully selling a dream to people who are in dire need of help.

Water doesn’t need to be complicated

While pseudo-science will continue to come up with new health trends, the fact is, water brings about many benefits by itself. From better sleep to increased physical performance, staying hydrated makes the entire body healthier. That’s why Waterfy Me focuses on providing the purest water possible. No gimmicks. Just water that has 99.5% of impurities taken out, leaving a refreshing taste while keeping all essential minerals in. Don’t take our word for it though. While Trusii continues to get bad reviews, Waterfy Me has a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp. We understand. Water should be simple. Get purified water delivered to you for free with Waterfy Me!

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