Nestle Pumps out a million Gallons of Water every day and sells it for profit; Michigan residents outraged

Posted on: February 8, 2019

Nestle Water has been pumping out over one million gallons of water from a freshwater spring in Osceola County in northern Michigan. The estimated profit that the Swiss-based company makes from this pumped out bottled water a year would probably cross a hundred million dollars.

Unlike genuine water delivery services like Waterfy Me that process and deliver purified bottled water, Nestle is simply pumping water out from the natural source and selling it out at other states for clear profits. Just about every citizen of Michigan is of the view that it is largely unfair and that the state is being ripped off out of such a deal. We agree, too.
When raising the issue before the state, it allowed public comments before passing the final decision. The questionable point is, despite that, almost everyone favored stopping this deal, the state still approved Nestle to continue pumping water out.

Residents and many of the reporters believe corruption is involved in this scenario. Well, when the amount paid to the state for the license of this activity is a mere $200, and approving the activity despite a good majority of residents opposing, things do seem fishy.

Nestle attempts to clear its part by stating that it is creating employment opportunities for the county residents. While it might be true to a certain point, there is nothing that beats the fact that pumping away such huge amounts of water from its natural source without considering its implications for localities and farmer is immoral.

The legal procedures are going on for deciding the scenario rightfully. Nestle, as well as the responsible authorities from MDEQ, have not made any notable public comments. Ruling this right is crucial, as it would clear out the situation with Nestle and would prevent such acts in the future.

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