From the Potomac to Purified

Posted on: June 18, 2019

When we’re thirsty, we simply go to the sink or fridge and fill up our glass without even thinking about it. But where does that water come from? For many D.C. Metro residents it comes the Potomac River. Obviously, this water isn’t safe to drink so it heads off to treatment plants where it is cleaned to be used as tap water. For some, that is good enough. For Waterfy Me, that is just the beginning.

Taking it 12 steps further

Going from tap water to crisp, refreshing purified water is no easy task. We go through a 12-step process to remove all impurities, bad taste, and odor from tap water until it is transformed into water we are proud to provide for our customers. The 12 steps are:


  • Sediment Filtration
  • Ion Exchange
  • Activated Carbon Towers
  • Ultraviolet Light #1
  • 1-Micron Pre-Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Reverse Osmosis (Again)
  • Ozonation
  • Ultraviolet Light #2
  • More Ozonation
  • Storage, Ozonation, and Recirculation
  • Bottling Process

We could go on all day talking in detail about each step of the process, so instead we will highlight a few of the most important steps.

Step 2: Ion Exchange

The water passes through ion exchange resin. Metallic ions with a strong positive charge move the weaker charged sodium and potassium ions. The metallic ions are then trapped by the electromagnetic attraction to the resin particles. The ion exchange beds are then cleaned and regenerated at prescribed intervals based on water volume. The regeneration process involves flooding the bed with a super saturated saline solution that effectively sweeps away the metallic ions from the resin.

Step 4: Ultraviolet Light

Since the Waterfy Me purification process removes all chlorine from the water, we have to use an alternative to the typical chemical disinfection technologies to ensure that the purified water remains absolutely and completely free from any sort of microbiological contamination. Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the ways we are able to do that.

Step 6: Reverse Osmosis

The centerpiece of our purification process is reverse osmosis. While many are familiar with the process of osmosis – reverse osmosis is the less known counterpart. In this process, high pressure forces water across a membrane, leaving impurities behind. Put another way, the pressure causes the impurities to become concentrated on one side of the membrane which leaves only pure water on the other side.

Step 8: Ozonation

In this process, it takes oxygen (O2) and passes it through a special chamber in which it is exposed to a high voltage electrical charge. The electricity causes the oxygen molecule to split and recombine in a higher-energy form known as ozone (O3). This ozone is then continuously circulated through the purified water. Waterfy Me utilizes ozone at several steps in our process. Plus, we use more of that technology than most other competitors.

It’s a difficult process to take water from the Potomac and turn it into the best purified water in the area, but Waterfy Me makes sure to create the best product for our customers. We are so sure you will love our water – we want to give you a $100 Amazon gift card to try us out today!


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