Your ‘pure’ tap water may not be ‘pure’ enough!

Posted on: October 5, 2018

Here comes an eye-opener for everyone who’s been drinking tap-water blindly trusting its purity. Regardless of what you might be expecting, or the processes that the water purification authority is following, the tap water that finally reaches you is NOT pollutant free. In fact, in some region, the proportion of the contaminants and toxic components in the tap water is found to be reaching an unhealthy level.

Toxins in drinking water

Dehydration is a serious enough problem. Drinking water contaminated by various toxins would be more severe of an issue. The tap water that reaches you mostly passes the purification plant. The thing is, to disinfect the water, elements like chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chloramine, and ozone are added (in addition to numerous agricultural and industrial pollutant that would slide along). A study conducted less than a decade ago suggested the presence of 42 toxic chemicals added during the water treatment process. While they do eliminate bacteria and other pathogens present in the water, these elements, (as well as the elements that they form by reacting with other components) aren’t good for health.

What are your options?

In most cases, well-water isn’t fully contaminant -free as well. The best means to have toxin free water is by installing a filter for your kitchen. If you happen to live (in your own house) in localities where the lead and other chemical content of the water is in high proportion, we’d suggest you plan for whole-house filters.

Considering bottled water

Though bottled water may not be a viable option in every scenario, it does offer you the purest drinking water you can get. Anyway, for those who are too busy or live on rent or for those who feel installing a home water purifying system is a deal that is out of the budget, purified & bottled water delivery services can be your perfect way out.

Note that buying bottled water from unreliable bottled water delivery services would mean paying a few dollars only to get the same tap water in a bottle.

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