Tap vs Distilled vs Purified Water

Posted on: March 13, 2018

Purified, Tap & Distilled Water: What’s the Difference?

There are so many kinds of water available on the market today that it can feel impossible to discern what makes them different from one another. Imagery of tropical sources and buzzwords like “natural” and “bottled at the source” can easily confuse consumers.

If you’re curious about the distinction between tap, spring, and purified water, read on to learn what separates purified water from all other options.

Definition of Tap Water

The meaning of tap water is straightforward: it is whatever water comes out of your tap, provided by your municipal water supply. Tap water goes through a basic filtration process, which is usually one of three methods: chlorination, which adds chlorine to kill microorganisms and bacteria; sand filtration, which filters large particles; or flocculation, which removes particles by adding chemicals to the water to get the particles to coagulate and float to the top for easy removal.

The biggest issue with tap water, apart from its additives and potential contaminants, is its lack of consistency. The quality of tap water can range dramatically depending on weather, water flow, runoff, and more, leaving you questioning what exactly you’re drinking.

Definition of Distilled Water

Distilled water is produced by process of boiling. The water is boiled to remove contaminants, such as metals or inorganic minerals, which have a much higher boiling point than water. The steam that is created is captured and cooled, and that is what makes distilled water. This process means distilled water is technically purified water—however, there is plenty of possibility that a number of unwanted elements remain after distillation.

The issue with this process is that there are many volatile compounds in water that have a lower boiling point than water, which means they boil off first and can be captured and maintained in the final product. As such, distilled water actually needs a secondary purification process to remove these compounds.

Definition of Purified Water

Purified water contains less than 10 parts-per-million in total dissolved solids—it is defined by its low levels of impurities. Purified water goes through more purification processes than any other kind of water. It is these steps, like reverse osmosis and deionization, that make purified water so clean—not the source. The water source is irrelevant, since the water will come out with the same guaranteed level of purity regardless of what it originally contained. Despite this, our process starts with water that already meets EPA standards for drinking water for your ultimate peace of mind.

Once the 12-step purification process is complete, our water is more than 99.5 percent free from all impurities. When you grab a bottle of Waterfy Me, you experience crisp, refreshing water that is guaranteed to be cleaner and purer than any other option on the market.

Which Type of Water Is Best?

If you care about how your water tastes or what’s in your water, purified water is the product for you. Distilled water is not guaranteed to be low in impurities, and there is no way of knowing what’s in tap water. Not to mention, the taste and quality of your tap water could change at any time if there is a weather event or something goes awry in the pipes.

For guaranteed pure liquid satisfaction in every bottle, choose purified bottled water from Waterfy Me.

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