The TRUTH about at-home water filters

Posted on: June 12, 2019


Water contamination is nothing new – the EPA says it can happen from human activity or from natural causes. Many of us are aware of this, so what is the first thing we do? We rush to the nearest store to purchase an at-home water filter. While these filters do aid in your water being cleaner than the tap, how effective are they really? According to WebMD, the issue with the normal carafe water filter (i.e Brita or Pur), is the better they work, the quicker the filter gets clogged. This means the filters need to frequently be changed, or you might as well not have one. Filter costs can quickly add up with Consumer Reports stating it can cost between $32 and $180 per year. Also, depending on how much your family drinks, you’ll constantly need to add water to fill the filter up.

The better alternative?

Filters can be tedious and pricy the more you use them, but how else are we supposed to get clean water? The best way is to get fresh, clean water delivered to your house. WaterfyMe provides purified water delivery at a great price. They use reverse-osmosis to clean the filter until it exceeds every standard by a wide margin. It even won 5th place in an international water taste competition. Drinking purified water has many health benefits over tap including:

• Tap water travels through dirty pipes and could pick up bits of sand and dust on its way
• It’s possible to have bacteria in your tap water
• Chlorine is used to disinfect drinking water
• Purified water removes the chemicals in your water, while still keeping the essential minerals
• Purified water simply tastes and smells better

With all of these benefits, getting purified water delivered to you is extremely affordable. WaterfyMe has no delivery fees, ever. 5 – gallon jugs are only $7.00, plus you’re supporting local business that has great customer service. If you want affordable, clean, and safe drinking water – reach out to WaterfyMe.

Getting pure, delicious water has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to get Waterfy Me bottled water delivered to your home or office for the ultimate in both convenience and taste.
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