Water To Benefit the Body

Posted on: August 28, 2018

Water, especially pure Waterfy Me, is essential to any living organism. Proper quantities will help overcome chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and improves your body and your brain.  It lubricates the joints, transports nutrients, and removes from the body products of metabolism.

Not enough water in the body and you can suffer from fatigue, poor concentration, and memory, as well as dizziness and a slight headache.  Many studies support these statements, but we’re sure many of us have endured a lack of hydration.


Bodies respond to cold water internally by reducing perspiration by cooling the interior core.  Just the opposite, if you drink hot tea that can cause excessive sweating.  That’s not always bad though especially if you’re tightly clothed and the sweat will evaporate and give a coolness.  In humid or windless days this won’t work.  Here is where you need to drink cold water to reduce the core temperature and reach Pure. Liquid. Satisfaction.


Nothing is better to give a child than Waterfy Me – purified cool drinking water.  However, to please the kids, it is OK to treat them to other beverages. For example, unsweetened homemade lemonade.

As more and more diets hit the market, adults and children seem to be told to shy away or nearer to various other products.  Carbohydrates, sugar, meats, cheese – but one that never gets a complaint is purified water.  Waterfy Me focuses on removing all impurities from water and offers the smoothest, healthiest drink for you.  Juices, often a child favorite, can be loaded with sugar and cause longer-term health problems.  Stick to water – our water!

Some tips to help promote water, the non-sugar based drink, for kids could include:  -Getting a custom bottle for your child to carry around purified water- , -serve water more regularly at all meals-, -watch for your child to drink while playing and promote it-, -let your child choose drinking glasses to encourage additional water consumption-.

Uniform standards of water consumption for children do not exist, but the CDC is a great place to look at the importance of water consumption and the outcomes:  Center for Disease Control


The majority of us DON’T drink enough water, so depending on drinking water when you want to doesn’t always work.  Consuming enough fluids is pivotal for people of all ages.  Many have to make it part of a routine and can’t rely on drinking it with every meal.

A reliable indicator that you’re drinking enough is a lighter color of urine – it should be straw-yellow color. The dark color indicates a strong lack of water.

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