Water Purification Importance

Posted on: October 2, 2018

Importance of Water Purification

The ability to drink pure water is quite imperative for maintaining a healthy body and keeping the body safe from germs and diseases. In a nutshell, purified water is described as water that has been filtered or processed for the purpose of making it free from impurities or pollutants such as chemicals or pathogens, etc.

However, whenever you are looking for a water delivery service for your home, you must first think about the health and safety of their water purification system. Some of the reliable bottled water delivery services around include Waterfy me.

Three Major Benefits of Purified water and bottled water


1.  Better Flavor

Some contaminants can affect drinking water flavor, like a metallic taste or other unpleasant taste. Purified water removes contaminants and enhances the flavor of drinking water without the need to boil it. Moreover, most water delivery services offer flavored bottled water as well.

2. Lower the Risk of Cancer and other diseases

Chemicals and toxic materials can find their way inside water sources, thereby increasing the risk of getting cancer or some other diseases. Getting rid of these by purifying your drinking water will go a long way in lowering the chance of getting cancer associated with these chemicals and toxic materials.

3. Saves Cost

Buying bottled water gives you and your household the assurance that the water you are drinking doesn’t have contaminants. Technically, if you choose to install purification system, there might be costs of maintenance and replacement etc. Bottled water can be a better choice in this aspect in many situations.

Treatment Methods to Make Water Safe for Drinking

There are some common ways of purifying water to make it safe for drinking including the following:

Sedimentation and Filtration

This is a method used to separate the floc that settled underneath the clean water as a result of its larger particles. The filtration stage is where clean water over the supply flows through various filtration systems comprising of gravel, charcoal, and sand. Filtration gets rid of contaminants including viruses, chemicals, bacteria, and dust.

Coagulation and flocculation

With this method, positively charged chemicals are added to water to mix with the particles that are negatively charged for them to be filtered out.


This is the step where chemical disinfectants such as chlorine are mixed with the water to kill any left viruses or bacteria that may have escaped the few initial steps.

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