Custom Water Bottle Labels

What’s better than delicious, purified water? Enjoying pure liquid satisfaction in a bottle that is completely custom to your Me. Put your own personal touch on a Waterfy Me bottle with a custom label. Whether you are looking to advertise a brand, or you’re hosting an event, Waterfy labels can be made as unique as you wish. The only limit? Your imagination.

Custom water bottle labels are perfect for:

  • Restaurants Add your restaurant logo to water bottles for a custom dining experience.
  • Events Spread the word about your event
  • Businesses Capitalize on this easy advertising opportunity by offering water bottles sporting your company name.
  • Hotels Tourists travel all over the metro area, offering the possibility of showcasing your hotel throughout the city thanks to a custom label.
  • Schools Show off your school spirits with a label made just for your students and faculty.
  • And more!

A custom water bottle label is more than just an advertising opportunity—it is also your chance to stand out. Whatever it is that makes you, your business, your event, or your property special, now is the time to show it off!

Custom Water Bottle Label Design

The design options for your custom label are endless: add your logo, a slogan, a quote, or whatever else you’d like to put your own touch on your label. Whatever feels like your Me, we can make it happen. A custom label can be added to any of our five Waterfy Me bottle sizes:   8 oz, 12 oz, 16.9 oz, and 24 oz.  See these bottle options with the Waterfy Me label here:  Waterfy Me Shop

At Waterfy Me, your Me is the center of attention. The Waterfy experience is fresh, pure, and personal. What better way to show that off than with a custom water bottle label featuring delicious, purified water?
Getting pure, delicious water has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to get Waterfy Me bottled water delivered to your home or office for the ultimate in both convenience and taste.
Select a Bottle

Pick from our variety of bottle sizes and select the quantity you need for the perfect pure water fit.

Select a Plan

Choose the best ongoing schedule for you with delivery every two weeks or once a month. Cancel or skip a delivery at any time.

Need a Cooler

Do you need a bottle dispenser? We offer a selection of coolers available for purchase or rent today.

Get Delivery

We will suggest and share the best delivery dates for your location as you prepare to enjoy the refreshing taste of Waterfy Me.