Waterfy Me appreciates you and many others enjoy who enjoy our great tasting purified water served with a twist of dedicated customer service. All this interest has created a broad customer base coming from all around the United States consuming our water daily, and we’ve developed multiple options to fulfill those requests.

As a Washington, DC-based company, the majority of our business focuses on local water delivery, but we wanted to make sure we offered as many options to give everyone a chance to experience Waterfy Me – Pure. Liquid. Satisfaction.

With that, we’ve developed three different options to deliver what you want and need:

  • Local Water Delivery

    – Our purest form of service – great water from our hands to yours. We will establish a schedule that fits your needs. Based on your consumption possibly once every two weeks, or our popular once a month delivery bringing it to your home or business. We cover the Washington, DC, Maryland – including Baltimore, and Northern Virginia areas. To see if we stop near you, please click below or call 1-855-WATERFYME (928-3963):

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  • National Shipping

    – We want to make sure the best can flow anywhere – and we have. If you’re out of our area, we still want you to enjoy Waterfy Me and you can through our e-commerce store and nationwide shipping. Have access to any of our cased options, and we’ll have them shipped to your door.:

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  • Customized Water Bottles

    – The ultimate combination, great purified water – in your personally designed bottles. That’s right; we even provide customized bottles for personal and corporate events filled to the rim with hydration that can take your event to another level. Use one of our provided labels, tweak one a bit, or get creative and start from scratch. Our team will finish the process, and you can enjoy all the compliments. Take a look at how to get that party started:

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We knew it wouldn’t be fair to keep the purest water to ourselves and we haven’t. See what works for you and then let us get to work for you.

How Our Process Works
Getting pure, delicious water has never been easier. Follow these easy steps to get Waterfy Me bottled water delivered to your home or office for the ultimate in both convenience and taste.
Select a Bottle

Pick from our variety of bottle sizes and select the quantity you need for the perfect pure water fit.

Select a Plan

Choose the best ongoing schedule for you with delivery every two weeks or once a month. Cancel or skip a delivery at any time.

Need a Cooler

Do you need a bottle dispenser? We offer a selection of coolers available for purchase or rent today.

Get Delivery

We will suggest and share the best delivery dates for your location as you prepare to enjoy the refreshing taste of Waterfy Me.